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SRB Field Shooting Rest

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The SRB Field Shooting Rest can be used for all of your hunting excursions and easily accommodate all shotguns, rifles, bows and crossbows. Our 3 part Field Shooting Rest can be adjustable from 39″ to 44″ to accommodate ground blinds/shooting from a chair for the shotguns, rifles or crossbows. You can also remove the 18″ top extension and convert the rest into a 2 part Field Shooting Rest that is fully adjustable from 21″ to 26″ while using turkey chairs, short chairs or sitting on the ground against a tree/fence row.

This 3 part rest includes: 1 molded plastic rest, 1 18″ extension and 1 18″ base with a 5″ steel ground spike. Use the thumb set screws to adjust the rest height and lock all 3 parts as 1 part. SRB Field Rests are backed with a lifetime warranty and proudly made in the USA!

A few of the uses for the SRB Field Shooting Rest:

Bow hunting in the ground blinds for all species of game from elk to turkeys!

A steady shooting rest for shotgun, rifle or crossbow in the ground blind or sitting on the ground with one extension being used.

An awesome fishing pole holder when bank fishing.


Available in Brown.

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