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Pro-Shot 5.56mm / .223 Cal. Spec Ops Series Black Modular Pull Through System Kit

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5.56mm/ .223 Cal.  (AR-15/M4/M16) Black Modular Pouch Kit    

Pro Shot Spec-Ops Series Tactical Pouch kits are designed with military, law enforcement, and tactical shooters in mind.  Featuring a double zippered fully modular pouch that can attach to your pack.  The Tactical Pull Through Kit (TPK) is excellent to take with you to the battlefield, shooting range, hunting grounds, and wherever else your AR rifle may take you.  Tactical pouch is designed for ease of function, compact size, & flexibility. Features Pro-Shot exclusive design Tactical Jag and full size Quick Attach/Detach Handle. Keep your rifle operating at peak performance in extreme field conditions with your essential rifle cleaning components included in the Spec-Ops series kit.  


  • Black Tactical Modular Pouch Kit
    • 30” Black Coated Superior Pull Through
  • Full Size Quick Attach/Detach Anodized Aluminum Handle  (Pat. Pending) 
    • Brass Core/ Bronze Bristle for 5.56mm/.223 Cal.
    • 1 Step Mil-Spec CLP 0.5 fl. oz. Tube  
    • Pro-Shot Exclusive Tactical Jag (Pat. Pending) 
  • 1” Round Cleaning Patches
  • Silicone Cloth
    • Pro-Gold Sample Packet
    • Cleaning Guide Instructions
  • Made in USA


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