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Whether it’s your weekly block party or your annual hunting trip, Big Frig’s Badlands 75 is your ideal cooler. With a whopping 75 quarts of space, you have plenty of room to fit anything and everything in this cooler. Each cooler is equipped with a cutting board divider and a basket.

  • 10+ DAYS COLD
  • 38.2 LBS. EMPTY

      The Badlands Cooler Series features a UV protected interior and exterior, dual stainless steel lock plates with built-in bottle openers, heavy duty latches, and an air release button so your cooler is a breeze to open when you want to. Easy grip handles make the 75 quart Badlands pain free while carrying and simple to transport.

      This line comes with a textured, slip-resistant lid with an integrated ruler, molded-in tie downs, and non-slip feet which mean its fit for all of your fishing adventures. So whether you’re out angling, camping, or tailgating at the big game remember to pack your Badlands.



      L: 33.94in


       H: 17.95in


      L: 28.19in

      W: 12.2in

      H: 12.99in

      WEIGHT: 38.2lbs



      Non-slip feet keep your cooler in place at all times

      High end non-slip feet are integrated into the footholds of every Badlands cooler. This high friction material ensures that your cooler wont easily fall or tip over. 


      Rugged rubber latch for secure closing

      Nothing is worse than the insides of an insecure cooler,  scattered across a gravel road. Our top of the line secure latches ensure  that your relaxing afternoon is not ruined by an accidental slip. This cooler holds everything were it is suppose to be. Cold and in the cooler.

      Stainless steel lock plate bottle openers

      Every Badlands cooler comes equipped with a easy to use steel lock bottle opener. From the cold insides of your cooler to a freshly opened beverage. With Badland coolers, the transition is seamless.


      Freezer-grade gasket seals out the heat

      The insides of a Badlands cooler are freezer-grade gasket sealed. Badland coolers are built to withstand the heat and hold in the cold. No more opening your cooler only to find a puddle containing what was suppose to be your afternoon delight. Badlands keeps your ice frozen and your drinks cold. 


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