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Deer crave DIG IT™ so they will dig for DIG IT™.

Deer Dig It is an attractant that draws deer in and keeps them coming back. Use in conjunction with BB2, The Cube, To Die For and Deadly Dust during the Spring, Summer, and (in some regions) early Fall to establish areas where deer return to. 

  • Use this product to put in front of trail cams to help you scout your property.
  • Use it along game trails to establish patterns and in areas you hunt.
  • Use it in areas you don't want to frequent often.
  • Great source of Sodium. Sodium is needed for cellular function including amino acid (building blocks of protein) transport. In addition, deer have an appetite for Sodium meaning they will consume it even if the body does not need it.
  • Has our exclusive bio-available mineral pack.
  • When to feed:  Late Winter through early Summer

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