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An all-purpose hunting bow for any hunter and any situation, the Xpedition Bone Collector Stealth Adjustable 65 Pound Draw Compound Bow is sure to help you hit targets harder and from further away without any extra target practice.

This compound hunting bow measures 30 inches axle to axle, comfortably fitting into any hunter's hands. You can easily adjust the draw weight between 40 and 65 pounds and the draw length between 24.5 and 30 inches, making it easy to adapt to any user or any game you're hunting. An included stabilizer and sight help to improve your accuracy so you'll feel like you can't ever miss. A 300 fps firing rate delivers fast, hard hits that are ideal for dropping duck and deer alike.

A quiver, rest, and sling are also provided, making this compound bow set perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

  • Measures 30 inches axle to axle with 300 fps for a quick-hit firing rate
  • Draw weight adjusts between 40 to 65 pounds, perfect for medium and large game alike
  • Customize the draw length from 24.5 to 30 inches in modular half-inch increments
  • Stabilizer and sight ensure you're able to track from afar and aim with pinpoint accuracy
  • Also includes quiver, rest, and sling
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Length: 34 inches


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