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Buck Fever


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The Full Rut Formula outperforms real scents because it is:

  • Always fresh
  • Never spoils
  • No bacterial breakdown


Buck Fever Synthetic Scents are 100% SYNTHETIC. They contain no animal urines, feces or secretions of any kind. Made in the USA.

The Full Rut formula attracts the dominant bucks in the area to seek out and challenge the intruder buck.

Directions: Use early season by misting or pouring in mock scrapes or primary scrapes. A little moisture will re-freshen the formula. Full Rut Formula works with scent drippers and scent canisters to scent mark trails, scrapes or vegetation. Regular use will encourage bucks and does to scent mark with their urine multiple times. Start your synthetic scrapes in summer to attract deer for early season. Remember when making mock scrapes and around primary scrapes leave no human odor behind. Use CAUTION:The Full Rut Formula attracts and causes AGGRESSIVE behavior in mature, rutting bucks. Lasts months, not hours!

Use the BFS System
Apply Forehead Gland Formula to overhanging branches and Pre/Post Scrape Formula or Full RutFormula in your scrape. Use Vanishing Hunter odor eliminator to control human odors.


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