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This Product has been Discontinued. Please contact your local dealer for availability.

Maxima Hunter Crossbolt


  • Dual Spine Weight Forward® Two spines in 1 arrow. This patented fusion of two different carbon materials makes for better energy management and faster recovery. Bolts spin 20% sooner, retain more speed, and deliver unparalleled accuracy.
  • BuffTuff® Plus Precision design with patented BuffTuff® Plus carbon weave for superior strength and accuracy.
  • Real Straightness All Maxima Hunter® crossbow bolts are laser checked for straightness to a remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch. Maxima Hunter® straightness of +/- 0.0025" is a maximum measurement, not an average.
  • Proven Camo Mossy Oak® Treestand® pattern helps make the Maxima Hunter® the most proven camouflage bolt in the Carbon Express® lineup.
  • 6-Pack includes inserted Moon nocks, 6 Universal nocks, and 6 C nocks.

The Maxima Hunter® Crossbolt is the most proven and reliable premium-grade 100% carbon crossbow bolt in the Carbon Express® lineup. The precision design is faster and offers tighter tolerances than traditional carbon crossbow bolts.

Model Length / Diameter Quantity Grains
52113 20" / 0.343" 6-pack 390
52114 22" / 0.343" 6-pack 416

*Above weights include a 100 grain field point and R2 vanes, made by Norway Industries DBA Duravanes. Mossy Oak® and Treestand® are registered trademarks of Haas Outdoors, Inc.

WARNING! To avoid serious injury and learn about safe hunting techniques, users must read the instructions and watch the videos at prior to shooting any crossbow bolt.

20" 6-pack | SKU: 52113 | UPC: 044734521134
22" 6-pack | SKU: 52114 | UPC: 044734521141


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