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Whitetail Seduction Trophy Deer Mineral - 5 Pack of 1LB. Bags

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New 1LB. Concentrated Bags.  Unlike any other Mineral on The Market!!

We’ve created a mineral blend that has a precise salt level while including amounts of antler building minerals/vitamins that your deer herd will want to consume due to the moderate but consumable dosages we provide in our mineral mix. 

Our mineral is designed to provide your deer herd with the macro and micro trace minerals, along with vitamins A, D and E needed to maximize antler growth. Each bag of Whitetail Seduction trophy mineral contains a flavor pouch that creates an aroma and flavor trophy bucks simply can’t resist.  This secret flavoring provides your deer herd with numerous benefits to include an improved digestive system, better nutrient absorption of the Whitetail Seduction Trophy Mineral and weight gain and antler development.

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