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Specially designed to be used in a mock scrape, spray DOC'S Scrape Invader directly on the soil of your mock scrape to saturate the entire area. DOC'S awesome blend of 100% fresh dominant buck urine and other secret ingredients has been formulated and tested to keep a buck investigating your scrape to find the invader in his territory! This 8 oz. pump spray bottle is excellent for use in existing scrapes as well!  DOC€™S Scrape Invader is a tremendous pre-rut (territory marking phase), scrape specific product to add to your arsenal this season! ALWAYS Fresh, ALWAYS 100% Preservative-Free, ALWAYS utilizing our Patented 2-Deer, 1-Bottle collection method and ALWAYS collected from CWD-Accredited Deer, this product is bottled for the Pre-Rut and available starting in September of each year.

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