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Gadwalls (Anas Strepera) are one of the most hunted and killed ducks in the country.  So when we head to the woods, we always bring a Gadwall call.  Gadwalls – or Grey Ducks – span across nearly the entire United States, making them either a target or great way to fill a limit.  While the drakes make a simple sound, they are quite vocal and often react well to the deep-nasally sound that the Duck Commander Gadwall Magnum produces.  Like the double reed call that started Duck Commander, we pioneered the Gadwall call category with the first call.  We shortened the barrel and found the perfect mix of design and materials to make this deadly Grey Duck drake call loud and simple to use.  The smoke grey color was used to show respect to those beautiful drakes looking for a mate.  It is also great to use as a confidence and back-up call. The simplicity of this duck call makes it genius.

The Duck Commander Gadwall Magnum duck call makes perfect sounds of Gadwall Drakes flying and on the water and is louder than the original Duck Commander Gadwall duck call.

  • Short, functional call
  • The smoke grey color mimics the grey of the Gadwall Drake
  • Makes perfect sounds of Gadwall Drakes flying and on the water
  • Louder than the original Duck Commander Gadwall duck call


  • 15 Characters MAX
  • Single Line
  • No logos, profanity or vulgarities
  • Font is predetermined
  • No refunds/exchanges on engraved barrels

 WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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