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Get into the game with this comfortable, carry-friendly Tri-Stool from Hawk®. It's light enough to take on short hikes and sturdy enough for consistent outdoor use. The stealth mesh construction makes this an extremely comfortable and quiet portable folding chair. The Hawk Stealth Tri-Stool is your perfect lightweight companion for all outdoor activities - camping, fishing, hunting, sporting event or simply for backyard comfort! Supportive backrest and perfectly sized seat will allow you to sit and enjoy for long hours. Rugged steel legs maximize load capacity, while the simple design minimizes weight and bulkiness. Folded size - 32” x 8”


  • STEALTH ADVANTAGE - Ultra-Quiet Fabric & Construction

    COMPACT - Lightweight, Fold-and-Go Design

    MESHCOMFORT - No-Pressure Relief, Durable & Breathable Fabric

    EXTRA SUPPORT - Padded Backrest & Extra Lumbar Support

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