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Border Patrol® is a mixture of KFP Foundation, KFP Structure, KFP Winter Peas, and KFP Forage Soybeans.  The KFP Foundation & Structure creates an 8-12 ft tall wall of cover, directs whitetail movement, provides security from predators, increasing daytime movement by mature whitetails.  The KFP Winter Peas and KFP Soybeans are a highly-palatable forage capable of producing 20%+protein.

Weight 10 lbs
Coverage Plants a solid ½ acre, or plants a 1 acre 8-10 ft. wide border perimeter.
Seed Type Annual
Sunlight Needed Full sun, down to 8 hours
Soil Type Border Patrol® grows in a variety of soil types: sandy, rocky, clay, & loamy. 
Planting Season Late spring and summer
Seed Variety KFP Foundation, KFP Structure, KFP Winter Peas, KFP Forage Soybeans
Seed Size Large – see planting instructions tab for more step by step planting details
Existing Food Plot (recommended lbs per acre) 20 lbs
Planting zone

ZONE 1 2 3 4. See planting guide for details.


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