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Cold Play® is a highly-attractive combination of perennial & annual varieties that provide dynamic benefits to both turkey and whitetail deer.  The high-protein, highly-palatable seed combination attracts many types of "healthy bugs" which are Turkey's #1 food source!  Cold Play® is a unique blend of essential greens and seeds turkeys crave and whitetails devour!

Weight 5lb
Coverage Plants a solid ½ acre
Seed Type Perennial
Sunlight Needed Full sun, down to 4 hours Prefers morning and mid-day sun.
Soil Type Cold Play® thrives in a variety of soil types: sandy, rocky, clay & loamy. It prefers moderate to well-drained soils vs. extreme wet conditions.
Planting Season Spring, summer, and fall
Seed Variety KFP Improved White Clover, Advantage Ladino Clover, KFP Crimson White Clover, KFP Alfalfa, KFP Spring Triticale
Seed Size Small – see planting instructions tab for more step by Step planting details
Existing Food Plot (recommended lbs per acre) 10lb
Planting zone ZONE 1 2 3 4. See Planting Guide for details

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