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Incredible sounding Diaphragm elk call

Our narrow reed version of our 3d Reel elk diaphragm call is absolutely amazing for hitting ear spitting bull vocalizations and cow and calf sounds. The variable pitch and volume capabilities of these calls really make them stand out in a crowded field full of look alike and sound alike mouth calls. Scream at the top of your lungs or dial it back to coax that pressured bull the last few yards. Anything an elk can say you can too. Locator bugles, Bull calling cows, chuckling, growling all in the most accurate tones. Cow sounds are more accurate even with the Bull scream. Non latex reed. FDA food contact approved plastics. No tape No Glue No ink No metal taste. We think this elk reel call is much more consistent and easier to blow than any other diaphragm every made.

State of the art high tech design and manufacturing

We spent years developing and testing this elk diaphragm call design. Originally taking the guts out of the elk reel. Using CAD design and painstaking testing we made it fit in the roof of your mouth. 3d printing on demand production is used to make these frames in the United States. They are made from non toxic food contact approved plastic. No tape no glue no metal frame means ultimate durability. The frames can be rebuilt and reused. The 3d Reel diaphragm elk call is nearly indestructible and they use long lasting nitrile reeds instead of latex. The accuracy of the sounds they make are spot on.

Patent pending design

Like everything else we make at Reel game calls you will find our designs no where else. We are the industry leader in Elk call innovation! Simply place these calls dead center reed side down on your tongue. Press the call up into the palate of your mouth and use pressure from your guts to force air through. Varying the pressure on the tongue allows the size transforming reed to play variable pitches. The elk reel call does most of the work and makes this an extremely consistent call. No amount of adrenaline will affect you from making perfect vocalizations.

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