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The OTC RPG compact elk bugle call was designed with input from all our product team guys and you our customers. It is a compact bugle tube using our Bullisitic Missle mouth piece design. The double reed on this mouth piece produces realistic bull sounds very consistently and allows a high degree of easy voice inflection. The 3 Dimensional shaped reeds pick up that voice inflected vibration allowing whatever kind of vocalization you think fits the situation! Volume is highly variable and so is the tone.

We tested the durability of this mouth piece to extreme ends. We found that the reeds though exposed do not seem to get ripped and never move out of place. They are replaceable in case of an accident though up to date that has not happened to any of my testers or myself. We may come out with a cover for the mouth piece it if it becomes necessary however the mouth piece is invert-able for storage or packing. Simply remove it and flip it upside down. Or remove it to make amazing realistic nasally cow sounds!

The mouth pieces are 3D printed to be thick and the double dampeners deaden the tone in the tube. I wanted to allow you to use your hands like a goose caller to alter the sounds you are making. Giving a small short tube a huge range in Elk octaves. The mouth pieces plays fantastic cow and calf vocalizations. Add this OTC RPG compact elk bugle call to an Elk Reel and try not to get run over!

Dimensions are 13.5″ by 2″

Patents pending

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