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SRB 6″ (single) Gun Rest

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The SRB 6” Gun Rest is the one of our most compact rest in our line up. Ideal for the goose hunter when using layout blinds, backboards, or panel blinds in any weather condition. The SRB 6” Gun Rest allows your client’s shotgun to remain safe and in the upright horizontal position, elevated off the ground for a quick grab and mount. The 6” of elevation keeps the shotgun out of the mud and dirt keeping shotguns in working order, safe and at the ready. Depending on set up, one or two rests can be used.

The lightweight SRB 6” Gun Rest is designed with the SRB Rest with a sturdy steel socket bolted to the rest and 5” x 5/16” spike that can be hand-driven into most types of ground. There is 6” of clearance from the bottom of the rest cradle to the top of the spike. The compact design makes it easy to store in blind bags, decoy bags, back packs, gun cases, or hand carried. The SRB 6” Gun Rest is available in brown and white.

Guides and Outfitters keep your clients happy, their shotguns clean and give them the best set up for success in the field by having their shotguns at the ready and safe with the SRB 6” Gun Rest.
Discounts here up to 60% off on orders of 5 rests thru 50 rests in increments of 5 rests. These are shipped in a box with no individual packaging.

A few of the typical uses for the SRB Field Rests 1 Piece 6” Gun Rest:

Field hunting geese and ducks from layout blinds, backboards, simply lying in the field, in a panel blind or even in a pit blind.

Turkey or predator hunting sitting against a tree or other object, in ground blinds or run & gunning.

Deer or elk hunting in a ground blinds or spot & stalk.

Hog hunting spot & stalk or in a ground blind.


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