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Stop settling for trees and start putting your trail camera where you want to — on or off the trail. The Stic-N-Pic gives you more precise scouting results, with greater flexibility in trail camera placement than ever before.

Offering an adjustable camera height of 0 to 52 inches and a rotating shaft that swivels 360 degrees, the Stic-N-Pic trail camera stand can hold up to three trail cameras at once. Made entirely of steel and featuring a 3-prong stand, the Stic-N-Pic stands securely on virtually any terrain.


• Powder-coated, 100% steel
• Adjustable camera height of 0 – 52 inches
• Rotating shaft that swivels 360 degrees
• 3-prong stand; fits securely in the ground

Most trail cameras today come with a tripod mount located at the bottom or rear of the trail camera: Simply mount your trail camera to the Stic-N-Pic with a thumbscrew, adjust the height and direction of your camera to your desired location, and you’re all set. It’s that simple.

If your trail camera doesn’t have a tripod mount, we offer a universal bracket so you can easily attach your Camera to any Stic-N-Pic mount.

All of our mounts come with the following hardware to mount your trail camera: 1/4×20 – 5/8″ Thumbscrew, 1/4×20 – 1″ Bolt, nylon spacing/retaining washers (subject to change without notice)


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