Tevis McCauley Signature Series Muzzleloader

Tevis McCauley Signature Series Muzzleloader

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The first firearm in the Tevis McCauley Signature Series firearms collection, this custom built Muzzleloader is the ultimate in distance and precision.  With a shooting range of 500 yards out of the box, this weapon is made to order and custom-engraved with all the great marks of the Tevis McCauley and Whitetail Heaven Outfitters brands.

This product is sold through our partner Wolfgar Concealment.  By law, firearms must ship to your nearest or preferred FFL dealer.  Wolfgar Concealment will contact you directly to verify the legality of your purchase, and review all state and local laws with you at that time.

Available with or without the Athlon Ares BTR4.5-27x50 MIL rifle scope.

Specifications:  Muzzle Loader Only

Weight:7.80-7.90 lbs | 3.54-3.58 kg

Length:46.1 in | 117.1 cm

Barrel Length:26.0 in | 66.0 cm

Std Length of Pull:13.7 in | 34.8 cm

Caliber | .50

Muzzle Brake | Radial

Action Material | Stainless Steel

Stock & Metal Finish Color | Black

Barrel | Fluted 9G