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In the history of great duos, the partnership of beer and bourbon is even more important to our way of life than mac n’ cheese or fish n’ chips. To honor this transcendent pairing, we are obligated to offer the Beer & Bourbon Box. Comes complete with two Big Ass Beer Soaps, a deliciously scented sandalwood soap made with Old Milwaukee Beer; and two Big American Bourbon Soaps, a rich, oak barrel scented bar made with Buffalo Trace Bourbon. A perfect item for the gentlemen who appreciates a fine drink and a distinguished fragrance.

Product Features:

  • One box contains two (2) Big Ass Beer Soaps (sandalwood scent) and two (2) Big American Bourbon Soaps (oak barrel scent)
  • 10 oz. bars are huge and last a good long time.
  • Big American Bourbon Soap is made with bits of ground corn which help remove dead skin cells
  • You don't need to be 21 to buy this product as long as you don't eat it
  • Comes in a sturdy cardboard box that's perfect for gifting or storing baseball cards
  • Yes, we really put beer and bourbon in soap. Because this is America, and we can.


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