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the buck bomb DOE N ESTRUS COMBO - 2 PACK

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Buck Bomb® Doe N Estrus Deer Attractant 2 Pack drives big bucks crazy, thinking a doe in heat has entered their territory that they're not tending. These 2 aerosol spray cans contain pure, fresh doe-in-heat urine. A unique NVERTR 180-degree ball valve allows the scent to be sprayed in short bursts, or you can lock the valve down to disperse the doe urine all at once in a cloud of enticing scent. Doe N Estrous scent is effective from pre-rut all the way through the rut, and it works well for laying scent trails, making mock scrapes, and applying to doe decoys. Buck Bomb Doe N Estrus is a simple and effective deer attractant that gets mature bucks excited – and careless. 2 Pack.
Manufacturer model #: 200067.

  • Attracts and drives mature bucks crazy
  • Spray in short bursts or all at once
  • Effective from pre-rut through peak rut
  • Great for scent trails and mock scrapes


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