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BERRY BLAST was developed to provide users a more cost effective feeding and attraction option that still provides deer the protein and minerals they need to help maximize their potential.

The #1 preferred natural browse for a whitetail deer is wild berries. With this fact in mind, we wanted to develop something with irresistible attraction that was also natural to their everyday environment. This is what takes BERRY BLAST from Good to Gold!
  • Higher Protein
  • Stronger Aroma
  • More Minerals
  • The AMAFERM Advantage


Grain Products, Organic Soybeans, Sunflower, Soybean Oil, Glycerol Monoleate, Propylene Glycol (Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Sorbic Acid bht) as preservatives.

CRUDE PROTEIN MIN 10.9% Antler Growth and Mass
CRUDE FAT MIN 4.21% Body Mass
CRUDE FIBER MAX 2.8% Antler Growth and Mass
CALCIUM (Ca) MIN 0.07% MAX 0.103% Most Prevalent Minerals found in Antlers - foundation for stronger bone and teeth
PHOSPHORUS(P) MIN MAX 0.7% Most Prevalent Minerals found in Antlers - foundation for stronger bone and teeth
SALT(NaCl) MIN 0.09% Used as an attractant to keep deer coming back
POTASSIUM (K) MIN 10.10% Helps deer maintain chemically balance digestive systems and form electrolytes
IRON (Fe) MIN 43.75PPM Helps with blood flow and carrying nutrients to growing tissue
SULFUR (S) MIN 0.22% Helps deer digest food and developing tendons and cartilage
ZINC (Zn) MIN 34.50PPM Helps with bone development - hoof health - food digestion - pregnancy - lactation
COPPER (Cu) MIN 4.00PPM Bone formation - collagen production which is major protein found in growing antlers
MANGANESE (Mn) MIN 15.00PPM Digestive system functionality - turns fat into energy - strong bone and cartilage

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