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Gold Dust is a year-round attractant feed, design to draw deer in with its strong natural aroma and keep them coming back with its great taste.  Gold Dust is more than just an attractant as it contains over 18% protein which has a direct effect to a deer’s body mass, reproduction, lactation and antler growth. Gold Dust also contains many other key minerals to maximize your herds overall health and potential.  To apply Gold Dust, simply spread on the ground or use in a gravity/trough feeder.


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CRUDE PROTEIN MIN 18.58% Antler Growth and Mass
CRUDE FAT MIN 6.52% Body Mass
CRUDE FIBER MAX 18.89% Antler Growth and Mass
CALCIUM (CA) MIN   0.45% MAX 0.48% Most Prevalent Minerals found in Antlers - foundation for stronger bone and teeth
PHOSPHORUS MIN 0.46% Most Prevalent Minerals found in Antlers - foundation for stronger bone and teeth
SALT (NACL) MIN   0.10% MAX 0.30% Used just as an attractant to keep deer coming back
MAGNESIUM MIN 0.13% Turns  food into energy and helps the body use calcium efficiently
POTASSIUM MIN 0.44% Helps deer maintain chemically balance digestive systems and form electrolytes
SULFUR MIN 0.20% Helps deer digest food and developing tendons and cartilage
SELENIUM MIN 0.04PPM Proper muscle function - Vitamin E  absorption and retention
VITAMIN A MIN 0.43KIU/lb. Overall Health
VITAMIN D MIN 0.06KIU/lb. Overall Health
VITAMIN E MIN 1.07KIU/lb. Overall

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