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Gold Mine is a high tonnage annual Brassica Mix that is designed as a spring plant food plot. This mix consist of Sunn Hemp, Sugar Beets, Turnips and Crimson Clover which are all highly attractive to deer.  This is truly a year-round food source as the Sunn Hemp and Crimson Clover will begin growing shortly after the Spring Planting.  Sunn Hemp can grow high and provide tons of attractable forage while producing nitrogen for the soil which Sugar Beets and Turnips thrive off of.    Once that first frost hits, then the Sugar Beets and Turnips become active and highly attractable providing a food source 365 days.  Coverage: 3.5# per ¼ acre. Suggested Planting Date: Late May through June Soil Prep: Spray a glyphosate herbicide if weeds or grasses are present before planting. Best planted in firm seed bed and a pH of 6.5-7 is ideal. Planting Instructions: Disk or till the ground to create a good seed bed. This seed should be planted at a depth of 1/4”-1/2” with good seed to soil contact. Fertilization: A starter fertilizer of 6-24-24 should be used at a rate of 35-50# per ¼ acre.


33% Sunn Hemp, 33% Crimson Clover, 20% Sugar Beets, 14% Purple Top Turmips

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