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Green Monster is a 10-15 ft. tall versatile mix that is perfect for borders, screening and habitat cover. Deer like to feel secure when entering and feeding in a food plot. Green Monster is the perfect solution for planting along food plot edges or in patterns throughout a larger plot to break it up and promote daytime activity. Coverage: 12.5# per ½ acre. Suggested Planting Date: Late May or early June for maximum height. Can be planted in early August for emergency cover. Soil Prep: Spray a glyphosate herbicide if weeds or grasses are present before planting. Best planted in firm seed bed and a pH of 6.5-7 is ideal. Planting Instructions: Disk or till the ground to create a good seed bed. This is a small seed and should be planted at a depth of 1/2”-3/4” with good seed to soil contact. Fertilization: A starter fertilizer of 6-24-24 should be used at a rate of 50-75# per ½ acre.


35% Sorghum Forage, 15% Grain Sorghum, 20% Buckwheat, 20% Egyptian Wheat, 10% Medium Red Clover Coated

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