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Strutt “N” Stuff is mixed to provide Gobblers with a delicious patch of forage containing 5 different seeds for a irresistible meal! This warm season annual mix will attract Game Birds & Deer too! Early, middle & late maturity stages means they’ll be around for a while.

Planting Instructions: Recommend pH: 5.5 to 6.5

The best time to plant Strutt “N” Stuff is after the last frost, when the soil temperatures are over 55 degrees, & before it rains. Two weeks before planting, spray your intended area, killing any weeds. Disc the soil, spread the mix and lightly drag, covering the seed approx. 1/2 in.


A 5lb bag of Strutt “N” Stuff seed mix will cover approximately 11,000 square feet (1/4 acre).

A 50lb bag of Strutt “N” Stuff will cover approximately 110,000 square feet (2.5 acres).


Contains the following:

Buckwheat, Chufa, Japanese Millet, Brown Top Millet, & Wildlife Grain Sorghum.

This mix will grow to 2 to 4 feet in height & will grow in a variety of soils & climates. It can take turkeys a while to discover the Chufa tubers, especially when planted in a new area. Once matured you may need to scratch up some of the tubers to help the turkeys to find them.

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