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Need to quickly provide tall, thick cover for you and/or your deer? Imperial Whitetail Conceal is an annual planting specifically developed by the Whitetail Institute to rapidly produce tall, thick cover right where you and/or your deer need it! 

Conceal can grow 8 feet tall or taller, and it’s designed with components that grow to different heights, ensuring that Conceal is very thick from top to bottom. The number of potential uses for Conceal are limited only by your imagination. For example, …

 CONCEAL can be used to create …

  • bedding areas for deer
  • cover for deer around food plots
  • cover for deer travel
    • funnels
    • travel corridors across open ground
    • connect two heads of woods
  • cover for hunters while traveling across open areas to and from stands
  • divide large food-plot areas
  • shield food plots from visibility from roads or neighboring property
  • cover for ground stands

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