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The XANR100 Night Vision Rangefinder is every hunter’s new best friend. With a 6x zoom, total darkness distance of 150 yards, rangefinding capability up to 200 yards, and daytime distance of 400 yards, the XANR100 opens the door for every kind of adventure at any time of the day with its unique trio of technology. Package comes with a wrist strap for support and a protection case to put in when not in use.

  • A UNIQUE TRIO OF TECHNOLOGY. This X-Vision Optics monocular combines the premium technology of range finding, night vision, and magnification all into one powerful device.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE DISTANCE RANGE. See as far as 150 yards (137 m) in total darkness, or up to 400 yards (366 m) during the day. Range finding distance is up to 200 yards (183 m) to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. 6x maximum zoom capability provides vivid images throughout your toughest adventures. The slope angle auto adjusts up to 80 degrees up and down. Discover The Unseen by viewing animals or objects clearly without extra external light.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN. Dust and water resistant to an International Protection Rating of IP52. Weighs 0.5 pounds (0.23 kg) for optimal comfort. This X-Vision Optics Rangefinder is perfect for any harsh environment with its tough exterior that is durable and built to last. Package comes with a wrist strap for support and a protection case to put it in when not in use.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE FOR BOTH DAY AND NIGHT USE. Battery life consists of continuous use with 9 hours of performance during the daytime or 4 hours of performance during the nighttime. If the rangefinder is not in use for more than 5 minutes, it will automatically shut off to conserve battery power. This X-Vision rangefinder operators on 6 AA batteries (sold separately).
  • EASY TO USE FOR BOTH BEGINNERS AND PROFESSIONALS. Its ability to automatically transition from day vision to night vision means no hassle with a lens cap. 4 simple buttons for straightforward operation. You can comfortably use this monocular with or without eyeglasses. Its efficient technology allows you to comfortably hold it with one hand as you navigate rough terrain. Use for a variety of activities, from hiking, archery, bow hunting, and more!

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